At the end of the month, my company JR-Webscripting en Hosting, will cease to exist. Justin and myself thought things over and with changes in our lives in the entire last year(s), we decided that we needed to spend our time differently. The time and effort of running your own business in the (flooded) hosting market is extremely difficult. You need scale, and offer an interesting price. And it will cost you countless hours. For us, it was worth this effort for almost 15 years, but the balance was lost not that long ago. While our reasons where not in the financial sector (In my opinion, the main reason for stopping most businesses), it does play along. The margins are small with our pricing scheme, and the benefits are low. Too low factually. What weight most for me was the investment of time that I can no longer realise that easily.

So, since the beginning of october we decided to inform our customers and ask them to move to another provider at the end of the contract. All our customers migrated quickly and recently we migrated away the last customer. That marked the end of the hosting servers, we have them on shutdown and they will be removed in a little. The site is still available as placeholder on my host and mail for the domain will still be incoming for a little more.

For our customers and interested parties: Thank you for the trust in the past 15 years! It had been a blast.