A few years ago, I was informed that Paul Schenkeveld had passed away. That was very unpleasant news ofcourse. I knew Paul for some years, at the D-BUG or NLUUG BSD days he was one of the organisers and I was one of the speakers back then. In addition he was one of the main organisers of the 2011 EuroBSDCon in Maarssen. I always saw Paul.. and then Cor.. or the other way around.

So when I saw Cor at the NLUUG a few days ago.. I missed Paul ofcourse. I had not seen Cor for a few years and not after Paul’s passing. Seeing Cor alone instantly reminded me of Paul. You are still missed Paul. Rest in peace!

Image taken from db.net where both Paul (Left) and Cor (Right) appeared on photo.

Paul and Cor