My gear

Based on the gear page of Paul Grevink (just use google), I decided to publish my lab setup as well. Since it is based on Paul’s gear you see some similarities. We both have the Synology, but admittedly we both had that already before we got to know each other.


My gateway running the KPN fiber line we have is a Mikrotik RB5009, hosting a couple of VLAN’s, IGMP Proxy for the KPN iTV and IPv6 as well. Note that I am not entirely convinced by the RB5009 yet, especially with all the weird quirks in the firmware.


My household uses a few switches, a unifi US-8 with POE out is hosting a few connections downstairs, and in my lab I currently have a TP Link Omada SG3428.


There are two AP’s in the house, on the bottom floor and top floor. Driven by the Ubiquiti AC PRO and the U7-Pro.

VMWare cluster

My VMware cluster (as virtualisation engineer you must have this), consists of three Nuc13 PRO’s (RNUC13ANHI70002), with Samsung 990 PRO 1TB SSD’s and Kingston A400 480GB SSD’s and a small 64GB M2 local disk. Each machine has 64GB of Samsung Fury memory, and an additional NIC to support a distributed switch that has multiple uplinks. This forms a VSAN cluster, which hosts several VM’s, amongst them my OPNSense firewall to handle VPN traffic, my playground machines, home automation, and a couple of VMware products that we use at work as well.


Since I cannot afford a SAN at home, I have a NAS that is driven by the Synology DS218+ having 2x4TB (raid1) storage available. Large VM’s land here, as well as servicing internal data and for backups.


Next to the VMware cluster, I also have a Proxmox node that as 2x2TB Disks and 2x4TB disks all in (software)RAID-1 configuration. This machine also has 64GB Ram and a ‘12 core’ i7 CPU. This machine is not always on and only is booted up when I need it. Since the VMware Cluster runs smoothtly I hardly had any reason to turn it on. This machine also has an additional NIC over USB, and the proxmox installation hosts a nested ESXi installation for when needed to offload VM’s to this machine.


Along the line at some point in time I got a RIPE Atlas probe (the hardware version) that runs since 2016 already, and only had a couple of USB sticks replaced :-).

Offline equipment

The following hardware is what is still posses but are offline:

2x mac mini 1x Mikrotik CSR125 1x Unifi ACP PRO 1x Mikrotik RB2011 1x Experiabox 12 2x Unifi Flex Mini