Emerging Threats Python script

Introduction For some time I am a perl fan, but perl is not that popular anymore so I decided to try and see whether I can use Python as well. After moving my systems from FreeBSD to Ubuntu and Debian (proxmox needs it) I also used the ’emerging-ipset-update.pl’ script to drop emerging treats as soon as possible. Python After or rather while following the Udemy’s ‘2020 Complete Python bootcamp: From Zero to Hero’ by Jose Portilla (Hi!...

September 26, 2020 921 words 5 min

The end of JR-Hosting

At the end of the month, my company JR-Webscripting en Hosting, will cease to exist. Justin and myself thought things over and with changes in our lives in the entire last year(s), we decided that we needed to spend our time differently. The time and effort of running your own business in the (flooded) hosting market is extremely difficult. You need scale, and offer an interesting price. And it will cost you countless hours....

March 19, 2020 255 words 2 min

In Memoriam Freddy Mercury 5-9-1946 - 24-11-1991

On my old blog, I tried to remember the passing of Freddy Mercury periodically. I failed to do that for several years. Freddy, wherever you may be, rest in peace. I still remember your music and listen to it very often. I visited the concerts of the remaining band members of Queen, it’s still amazing, even without you. One day, we will meet! Image used from express.co.uk and referenced from them:

November 24, 2019 71 words 1 min