One less hat :-)

So. Today we can congratulate George Neville-Neil as the new FreeBSD Security Team Secretary. It seems that I had been doing the job for around 5 years and 8 months (although not the entire time officially nor documented); which is a very long time. I decided to start reducing on the amount of hats that I carry so that I can focus more on the things that I want to focus on within FreeBSD.

Slowly but surely I am returning to my roots:

- Maintain the nl_NL tree

- Keep VuXML as up to date as possible

- Commit low hanging fruit from src/ so that the developers can focus on their development instead of being distracted by easier things. I will also try and merge for example usb/ related things from hps@.

That said: I will remain a doc committer, src committer and member of secteam .. please applaud George in his new task, it’s a thankless job and you really need to keep your head together :-)

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