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Migration part one finished

Today we celebrated one of the migrations that I am doing for the Telecom company. Last weekend we migrated the firewalls and things seemed to went smoothly. Ofcourse like with all changes, we forgot some things, and some things were against us, but adding things up, we did a terrific job on delivering the first part of the migration! Collegue’s: Great work

Onwards to the next series of migrations that are due around January before we start moving things around :-) exciting times ahead.


So, most of the last week at work I spend at / around Amsterdam, to be more precise, I spend time at the new datacenter of my current job. We build up the firewalls and networking infrastructure and I think we did a pretty good job there. We are one of the first teams that had progressed this much already :-)

Ofcourse that is needed because the other teams cannot progress without our infrastructure ;)

With a bit of luck our infrastructure had been this well organised that we do not need to head over to the datacenter itself any longer, we had reachability from the Amsterdam network to The Hague already, so all looks good!