The full-mesh OSPF cloud is gone

After some years of running a full-mesh network with my collegue’s at snow (using gif/gre tunnels and ospf over it); it was time to get rid of it. I am now using a star-OpenVPN network (which Robert also uses, hello Robert! :)), which makes it easier to connect from anywhere in the world, whether the dynamic IP of some peers change or not.

So, entering the new era, now I am looking for a way to properly address the full mesh capabilities. I am thinking of adding additional bridges (the star network is bridged) between four peers, which needs three servers, one server with 3 clients, second server with two clients and third server with one client (the rest is already connected via previously mentioned servers), but I do not have a clue whether that will work properly. I might add routing-metric’s so that it is using preferred networks, or OSPF again.

Choices, choices, choices!

Getting married

Well, we have planned a date. A few days ago we committed to our will to get married and filled in various paperworks to get the ball rolling. Next year around this time I will be married for some time :-). Now looking out for the proper clothing, for Denise, Luca and ofcourse myself. But first we have a few birthday anniversaries so lets wait and see how things will be doing :)

The big OVfailcard (OVChipcard)

The OVChipkaart as the public transportation travel card has been called in the Netherlands is now officially dead. In the last period of time people wrote software that allowed regular users to modify their Chip so that they could travel for free. The changes were still detectable because you needed to checkin and checkout via the poles at the stations or within the transport device itself.

New software had been developed after that (and tested by a reporter, Brenno de Winter) which allowed one to modify the card, do a checkin from your home place (with the location, time etc if your checkin specified) , and checkout. These changes are undetectable for the transportation companies, even when checked by tranportation officials the hacks were not detectable. Which basically means that you can travel for free and undetected.

Someone is going to release this software soon, or actually already had, and is now circulating at the Pirate bay.

What do we learn from this? That making things more and more electronically available makes us prone to these kind of attacks. Ofcourse people are going to test this and use this, you can travel for free which could lead up to a massive saving on travel expenses. Yeah the TLS (Company that is responsible for this Failcard) is saying that they will be switching to a more modern chip which is better protected, but still it’s a matter of time before it will be broken again and the story continues.

The damages that occur through this will ofcourse be put back on the users and the community, like the entire investment that had been done is from community-driven
money. Nobody actually wants the card, and as mentioned the electronic facilities just makes us prone for this.

After the Electronic PAtiens file (EPD) which has the same potential problems, which are more huge then this one, and various other digital registrations and stuff, we will
have a situation where the entire economy will crash because it had been hacked by a smart little guy in a hidden attic. With Big Brother watching us he will be quickly
found and taken out of operation, but the damages are already occured.

So my request is actually : STOP MAKING WORKING THINGS ELECTRONICALLY AVAILABLE. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) is the best method for government controlled things, as more simple it is, the more simple it is to detect fraud, keep it in hands and make sure that the above things CANNOT happen.

A big bow to George Orwell, who envisioned these kind of things a long time ago, before the process started to expand rapidly.

Testing the Big Green Egg (BGE)

Yesterday We tested the BGE for the very first time. After Christmas and being ill, we didn’t have a proper time window to test drive the BGE. I wanted to test it on the family dinner we had on saturday, but it wasn’t allowed (ow dreads, it seems that the husband/wife syndrom is already acting up) :-) so we made Pizza yesterday. Making the pizza was relatively easy yesterday.

I lit the BGE and let the charcoals burn. I think that I needed to wait a while longer to properly control the temperature, because it was fluctuating now, but OK it worked rather well. We put in the Pizza around 200 degrees and let it bake for 15 minutes and then I checked how things were going. Seemed to be doing well, so we let it go for a little longer.

After checking that it looked and smelled fine, I took it out, and we chopped it into pieces. The pieces tasted delicious, though we might stick the BGE a little hotter next time and reduce the time needed to bake the beast, it was just fine! Now I am allowed to testdrive it some more periodically. We have enough charcoal to last for a little so BGE, you will burn ;-).

Also I need to check how I can prevent the pizza from sticking to the plate, we used flour on it but still it sticked, perhaps it was a too long period in the BGE, or something else should have been done. Better luck next time :-).

I would like to thank my employer For this terrific present, we really really like it!

Edit: Used the proper word for flour, thanks to Robert B.

A little update

Lately I didn’t have much time to do proper things with the blog. My apologies :-). I did however finally merged some src/ things for FreeBSD and I updated the entire doc_nl doctree after some sweeping changes from partner in crime Rene Ladan.

Beyond that I also really need to get to the shop, tonight we will host a family dinner.

Happy New Year – 2011

In just one minute it will be 2011 (hey, scheduling things is fun, this gives you something to read while I am jumping around, celebrating with Luca, Denise, Rik and Larissa the coming of the new year, and perhaps drink a beer, or more but enough about that.

It’s my tradition to have a new years post, and this year I decided to schedule it for the first year. I wont be able to write a post before tommorrow or perhaps even later so “Sad but true”.

The last year saw a lot of sad things, sad changes and sad news, deaths and so on. Please take a minute to remember the persons you lost this year, think about the bad and the good things you shared. Cheerish those good moments, you can be upset about the negative things, but it will only make you more grumpy, which isn’t worth it. Life is too short!

OK So we considered the negative things of the last year, but ending the year with a negative thing is not right, right? So also take a minute to remember the positive things, positive changes and positive news, the birth’s you saw this year, the news that people are pregnant and are expecting a child, the new job, consider it and remember it.

From my position I would like to offer you my very best wishes for the upcoming year, I hope that you will see the positive things of life, respect eachother, and that you are healthy and can remain healthy (and your relatives).

Ofcourse my new years post wouldn’t be the same without mentioning my beloved FreeBSD. The last year we saw a few new releases, saw a lot of hard work, had to deal with the economic crises and loads of more things. This year we will get generous donations from you… right? So that we can build even more funky stuff, and keep the best operating system!

Welcome.. 2011!

News that makes me happy

I just read the introduction of an article that states that the british government is going to destroy the central facilities that place fingerprints together with identity papers! I like the hearing of that! The reasoning is that the government should be less intrusive for the citizens.

Eventhough you might be sceptic on how they are going to destroy it, and whether or not the debate will return at some point, I think it’s a nice way to go. Governments should be aware that they should not fiddle with the individuals too much. After all, our perfect registration systems caused havoc in the last world war, we should keep things as simple as possible, then things are easy to follow, no difficult technical things to overcome, no privacy intrusions, cheap, proven to work. It’s entirely not required to be state of the art with all our equipement, we can do the KISS methodology and still be a good government (that spends less of your taxes to things you do not want).

I hope the Dutch Government is reading the article carefully!

Christmas traffic – Friday morning

I would sign for it. If we can have a traffic pressure like we have today (near Rotterdam – The Hague) I would certainly sign for it! This was relaxed driving, a lot of the cars that you regularly see aren’t there, it’s silent in the streets, I could park as the first car today :-) … so people, make me happy; always give me this kind of traffic :-)

Bedankt Hetzner!

Ik wil even van de gelegenheid gebruik maken om mijn hosting provider Hetzner(.de) te bedanken voor de prijs die ik heb gewonnen via de Advent Kalender. Als klant van Hetzner ben ik geinformeerd dat ze een adventkalender hadden op de site. Ik heb mijn gegevens opgegeven en meegedaan (Dat kun je nog steeds, je hoeft geen klant te zijn) en ik heb gewonnen! Ik heb het niet helemaal verwacht maar het is echt waar! Ik heb een Radio gestuurde klok welke nu op een prominente plek heeft in ons huis, onze studeerkamer boven! Nu kan ik eindelijk de tijd er zien, de temperatuur meten en zien hoe de luchtvochtigheid zit!

Dus het is niet meer dan eerlijk om Hetzner te bedanken, en een beetje meer: Kijk eens op de site van ze voor goede producten en bijbehorende goede prijzen!