Radio gaga


Today i was on the radio.. Huhu i was. The radiostation CityFM had a call through the ether, that you could select a artist. The artist could be chosen out of 3 bands, one of them was Queen. Ofcourse i opened up my email client, and typed a mail to them. I wanted to hear "Queen – Who wants to live forever", since i think that song represents the life and the death. I Included my phonenumber, and guess what, i was called by Jeroen from CityFM. He asked if he could ask me some questions while being on the radio. Well i dont mind that :-) so i said yes.

I had to wait for a little time and then i heared myself on the radio. Well through the phone. He asked me why i liked the song, what kind of work i did and if i could book money from a account to an account (since i am a internet security specialist at a financial institute) , but i had to say that that’s not possible :-). We chatted a bit and then my song was played on the radio. 

Afterward he thanked me and hung up, i heared him saying on the radio "A perfect choice from Remko Lodder, internet security specialist"  :-) It was awesome, i did not expect that i would be on air :-).

So in order to do something back for them: Checkout their website here.

Or turn your car tuner on 97.6FM in Zuid Holland Netherlands, or use the stream on their website!

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Little Luca

Today it was again time to see my son again ! :-), Although he was crying almost all the time {The reason we decided to return him to his mom earlier} i enjoyed it. It was great to see him again, to try and comfort him, to toy with him { we had a  farm with sounds and he liked that }, and to hug with him. I am looking forward again to the next time!
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Today i will be paintballing in Spaarnwoude, with a bunch of friends. So that will be a long day running, jumping, ducking, getting hit ;-). As a precaution i took extra clothes with me, some extra normal shoes (now i have boots with me). So wish me luck !


Edit: Well today i had paintballed, we arrived at 13.00 at the location and waited for my collegue {thanks avi (: }.

After that we had an little word with one of the marshall’s which explained how things worked, how the gun worked etc. (We wore combat clothing so you wouldn’t be seen easily). After that a other marshall took us to field one on which we played "center flag" (take the flag and bring it to your opponents base). Nobody scored, we all died or failed due timeloss. After that we played team capture the flag (bring your flag to the enemy base). In this play the blue team won (my team). Three of us (Myst and me included) took a hike to the left and defend that position , we stopped some blanc advances, and we suspect them having the flag of their team along since nobody saw their flag…. So nice one ;-)

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Metropolis Rotterdam

Tommorrow my friend (Richard) and his band All For Nothing ( are going to perform on Metropolis. That’s a big event with all kinds of music. Be sure to check it out when you like rock music, and make sure you see All for Nothing ( i saw them and they kicked ass )Metropolis information can be found here.To Richard and the band: Kick ass guys! I wont be there since i will be in Spaarnwoude playing a Paintball competition. Continue reading

My friday

The last entry of the a ‘tail’ in my life, for a week.

I stood up again at 06.00, today i could not drive along with my dad, so i needed to take the tram (well actually 2 of them).
In the second tram there was a driver that  i ‘know’ so we had a chat etc making the time fly.
I arrived at work around 08.00 and started working on my tasks of that day. It was a bit hectic, and i had a few ideas which are going to be adopted :-).
After work (14.00) i went home again, and started enjoying my weekend. I started playing Unreal Tournament 2004 which i bought somewhere in december last year (i think). And i noticed that in some games i became worse than before, and in some i became better :) (Onslaught mode is cool).
After that i checked the status of a machine that i helped getting up  yesterday, so the way should be clear now to go and install our server. We still keep the name of the domains associated with it private :-)

I read the Weblog of Whiteruss (see the left menu below for his page) and i had a laughter about the L0rd 0f th3 R1ngs story. I also hacked some usefull stuff again in my email tool, which makes it do something now. I ate and i continued hacking the application. 
Between times i also updated some articles, so we are uptodate again :-).
Oh and during the day i again replied to some questions, did some doc-nl stuff, and questioned some freebsd guys for some information.
Finally that night i chatted up with Jacco (also in the below left links section), he’s a very bright and cool individual from which i think i can learn a lot. Not only by asking him about stuff, but also getting tips on how i can learn those things better.
At 01.00 the time came that i dropped myself in bed. Just after  learning some guitar songs again  :-).

Perhaps’  it’s  a bit more clear now what i am doing all week. I picked this week since my otherweeks are more busy. Every second week i see luca in the facility ( i mentioned that in another post somewhere  ) and in those weeks there are also some updates that i need to take care off, so doing much much more the other weeks.

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My Thursday

Unlike yesterday, i had to work today. So my alarm again woke me up around 06.00. 

I could use the car today, so that was really cool, put on Arrow Classic Rock , my favorite radiochannel.

Oh boy, i forgot to mention that our new server arrived at my friend’s place. We also decided that we needed a joint name for our network. And that will be seen soon enough ;-). 

I went home around 13.00 from work, congratulating my mum, because it’s her birthday today! CONGRATS MUM! After a while my grandma came and Nel, the friend of my mother. We ate and talked a bit and i went on hacking again. Repaired some broken funtions from my script and updated the Scouting webpage’s a bit. Chatted up with some friends and recieved various phonecalls about our newserver etc. So a busy day again.

It’s 20:47 now and i wont do much anymore today i think then chattting and gaming. Tommorrow the final day in a sneakpeak in my life for a week long.

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My Wednesday

Again a extra day in my life. Today i was free, so i did not get up at 06.00 ;-). I woke up around 0900 and decided that i needed to be a sportive young dad today. So i took my skates and decided to skate to Dordrecht. Since that is a really far place and i could test my health with it :-).

So when i came into Zwijndrecht there was a crossing that said : Don’t cross, we are rebuilding the roads ("great"). That also implied a long sandy road, on which i could not skate. I jumped into the earth and turned around and headed back. I called a friend on the way back. That moment i started to realise that i was actually becoming tired. Well, the trip was long :-). I reached Barendrecht quicker than i thought and found a very nice road to skate on there. I arrived home again and took some food and took a shower. 

After that i decided to work in evilcoder-admin2, the new version of my email administration application, with different thoughts and building procedure’s. So let’s see howfar we come there. Again i updated the FreeBSD Doc NL project (doing that almost everyday, checking, updating, commiting to the local branches. Chatted a bit with the Austrian’s and told them we were going to win with Oranje.

While hacking my perl script i noticed that Rik and Larissa (the girlfriend of Rik) already arrived at my place. Including a friend of Martijn. We all went looking to the football game. That game was rather sad….

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my Tuesday

The Tuesday in my life. Again my alarm woke me around 06.00. Today i drove the car to work, dropping my dad at his work and driving towards my work. I arrived there at 06.45

My collegue Marc was already there performing a calculated change. I helped him out a bit and the day begun. Around 13.00 it was time for me to go home again (The weather was nice at that point). I drove to my dad’s work and picked him up. We arrived at home around 13.45, and we had a drink there (coffee and tea). 

After that it was time to get online, which failed since MSN Was not coorporating with me. Ah well time for a nice little UT2004 game then. I played till 17.00 hours and it was time to eat. In the meantime i answered some FreeBSD-Questions questions, and worked through some updates of the FreeBSD Dutch Documentation Project. Oh and i changed the wheels of my skates so that they are clean again and turned them since the wheels dont get old soon. I used them for < 2km today since it isn’t a good day to skate that much (yesterday i went skating a lot and tommorrow again).

After dinner i spent my time gaming, chatting and updating my systems, installing new security packages and hacking around in a perl script that i am writing to perform email administration. Since tommorrow i will be free, i won’t go to bed at 23.00 today but that will be around 01.00. 

At 0100 i went to bed, updated my systems today and hacked in my perl script. Another well done day.

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A monday in my life

In the serie, a day in the life from, i will today tell what i have done :-)

My alarm went at 06.00 since i needed to go to work, so i ate a bit and took a shower, after that i drove with my dad to my work (since we work near eachother). Arrived there at 0645. There i started doing my daily staks and finished around 13.00. I walked to my dad’s office and we drove home (well actually i did ;-)) After arriving at home i decided that the weather was nice so that it was time to take a hike, wel actually i skated a bit :-).

Around 20 kilometers today, so not that much, but remarkable :-). After that HuMPie and i did some registration on domain names for our brand new webserver which is coming soon (he is being tested currently should arrive this week) and after that we hang him into a providers space (faster internetpage ;)). 

Oh in the meantime i ate a bit again ;-) and i turned my DVD of Joe Satriani on , i enjoy his music since it’s very relaxed guitarmusic which i love.

Altered some FreeBSD Doc’s and did not much else then chatting :)

Tommorrow an new update :)

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