FreeBSD updates

I not only did some working in the Garden as people can read in my "the log" blog, but I also did some work for FreeBSD again (ok very little but you do not have to rush with these temperatures, and I like slacking so ;)).  I updated a VuXML entry and sorted out a couple of pending items as well.  Today I will try to wrap them into VuXML entries and process them accordingly.  I will also try to reduce my open-PR count so that I keep time to work on various other items.

More updates soon..

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Some updates ;)

So, I have an active weekend again! :-).  Friday Luca was at my place and we decided to redo the backgarden with the three of us (My father, Luca and myself).  Luca loved the broom and seeing everyone work in the garden, he loved it when we gave him the opportunity to helpout, which resolved in a very neath and clean path behind our garden (it was almost a jungle if you would have seen the mess).  So very productive, luckily there was not much sun since that could have spoiled all the fun.  We also went to see my grandmother and she liked seeing Luca again.  Four generations with eachother at that moment. Very beautiful to see.  Especially when Luca hid in the closet again (he seems to like that, he can be very silent when he does so and does not move) :-).  When I brought him home there was no one at the house yet, but before I had my mobile, his grandparents were already driving up the lane so that was a great timing :-)Yesterday my dad and I redid the front garden, removed all junk and cleaned the path in front of the garden, I also took the path of both my neighboors and it looks very clean now :-) I liked it.Today my dad and I will cleanup the backgarden itself, so that we match the path behind the garden. It will be a long day today hehe, we also noticed that probably the weather will change, so we hope to be done before the weather is going bad.And last but not least; I worked on check_honeynet and it seems to finally work now :-) I got some weird little bugs which I will resolve on the site later on today, but they were fixed now.  Lance used the script in production and we removed some outdated mirrors already.  We also got some feedback which was good! And I got feedback from Arjan de Mol for the hashes I use, I will probably implement those today.  For my FreeBSD items please see my “FreeBSD blog”.I am pretty sure that I have a rather big announcement to make in the near future…   Continue reading

Honeynet Checkscript version 1.4.2 was released

We released another version for the Honeynet check script. It includes a better reporting template, reporting when the mirrorprobe file fetch failed; some style cleanups and some few feature changes. Checkout the file below to obtain more information. You can also request a ”diff” file from me to update your local version (use the contactform for that, or normalise the email address in the script) Continue reading

IJsselmonde target of organised crime ? (gunfire)

Moments ago, I was in the garden with my parents just chatting around till we heared pressumably 5 loud bangs (we think gunfire was the cause for that).  Moments later we heared a car with high speed moving away (took around 30 seconds) and we decided to have a look at what was going on.  It was around 100 meters away from here, and we noticed a lot of people on the street looking into the direction we saw.  A couple of minutes later some police cars showed up (uh-oh) and detectives as well. Within 5 minutes there were 7 police cars, one detectives car and a minute later including a motorbike.  We met our uncle who lives 500 meter away from the "scene" who also heared the bangs and thought it was gunfire as well.

No ambulance was spotted so far, so If it was gunfire and If it were targeted hits, someone died tonight, we do not know why. Scary that it is so close to home, first someone stabbed and now perhaps someone got shot.

Interesting detail is that my grandma also saw a car driving away with high speeds (we heared that from our garden) with a guy in front of it (I think he got on the car on "prinsenplein" and they drove off)..

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Dutch Update document

I rewrote my little how-to update your FreeBSD installation to match current reality and have better examples then before.  I wrote this in Dutch since i think that there is more then enough information available on this topic for the english language, but to a much lesser extend for the dutch language.

If you are interested and/or want to give comments ;-) please checkout the document here.

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new version of honeynet mirror available

I released version 1.4 from the honeynet check mirror script. New features: CC address, normal reporting, verbose and debug logging, general cleanup (as far as possible). It also contains a bugfix which is still present in 1.3 (You should update if you use this script), the LWP routine did not wanted to fetch an external file when the get function was called without ‘http://’ in it. This was added in version 1.4, you can find this file in the downloads section here.
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work in progress

Yay, after the last time i wrote something i got some things done. My www and doc todo list is a lot smaller (processed most of my on hold items) and reviewed some open items.  Some of them will be done in a little (like the serial communications part) and others are not likely to be done in a short notice (but those items were already open for a long time before i started to look at them at all).

I also documented several vulnerabilities in VuXML and updated some FreeBSD Security Advisories listed in the VuXML list.  And ofcourse I synced the latest SA’s into the VuXML list so that we are up to date again.  The entries i am looking at right now are a little hard since not much information seem to be available, so i will be searching around a bit ;-).

More updates will follow when time evolves :)

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SSL Certificate and mood

Technical things first ;-) I recently bought a really cheap ssl certificate which can secure my webmail host.  From today my webmail services are encrypted using a real and valid certificate.  So no more annoying nag screen with "do you accept this certificate?", the site just pops up.  This certificate was found to be 4 times as cheap as other certificates (the certificate i bought was just a little under 30 euro’s, where verisign offers certificates for like 120 euro’s at least (Which is too expensive)).

And then my mood; well i do not really feel that good at the moment.  In mutual agreement my relationship with Denise stopped (as being lovers that is).  We did not feel that the click was still there, so it was for the best that we choose this.  Also the most important one in this part: Luca, will benefit from this, since I think his mother and I made some good agreements and are talking over things when needed :), so actually this is a double feeling, with Luca it feels comfortable, with Denise it feels like a lot of different feelings, mostly pain… but that will go away, i am happy that we can still be friends though :) 

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Going out – MI3

So, Martijn (my brother) came to get me at my work last night.  Very nice of him so I did not need to travel with the Public Transportation (which kinda sucks ;-)). We agreed in the car going home to reserve a few tickets for Mission Impossible 3. After eating dinner we went to the cinema and got the tickets from Vicram who was selling tickets ;-).

We got some coke (cola) and retrieved 2 bandana’s for the Oranje soccer team (very neath, although we both look like fools with it hehe); We needed to wait a bit for the movie (darn advertisements) and after that we watched the movie. The movie itself was not bad at all :-) we really enjoyed it and we both agreed to do this more often with the 2 of us.  Perhaps next week we will be going to poseidon, which looked rather OK as well (And some other movies we saw were great as well).

Ok, back to work ;-)

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