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Lately I have become more active then the last year in total for FreeBSD. I committed several enhancements that were in my queue already for a long time, but finally came into the FreeBSD tree. Some too late for 8.3 which is upcoming and some not.

I also understand merging much better then before, taking the time for a commit and making a few mistakes really helps, and ofcourse the community is not too shy to mention my faults :-)

One of the things that got committed is the force setting of carp, whether it’s a master or backup node (make sure pre-empt is disabled if you do this, else it will just rollback within seconds :-)), which eases maintenance for example. One of the other things is that I am using an extensive network of local jails now that service my needs, most seperated items. I also started writing an Howto (or bsdmag article if there is interest) to demonstrate and tell how we setup most items. One of the things that is still causing me headaches is that we have nullfs rw mounts of /home to the jails because mailservers need to write, ftp servers need to write etc. But if we were sharing these information sources via NFS we would have had the same challenges :-)

I feel good in taking the time for FreeBSD again, and I would like to hear recommendations on what targets I can persue in FreeBSD (low hanging fruit is good enough for the time being) and additional things, also please comment on the nullfs mounts (rw,nosuid) to enhance my security level and which makes my article even better :)

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    1. Hi Davide,

      Yes I can. Normally you have a master and a backup node, where the backup becomes master in case the original master goes down. But sometimes you want to test the failover, whether that works, or you want to perform maintenance, you can ofcourse kill the master so that the backup becomes alive, but that is a rather risky step (what if that isn’t the case?).

      So, there are ioctl’s which allow you to set the state of the host; like if you do on the master: ifconfig carp0 state backup, it will become the backup node and the backup node will become master. If that works you can perform maintenance or reboot the master (now backup) safely. if not, you can force it to go back; ifconfig carp0 state master, which will return the master to the master state, and the backup will become backup again.

      unless preempt is enabled; if you have that enabled the master will always try to become master, and doesn’t care about what you said it to be (because you are telling it to try nevertheless with preempt enabled).

      Situations like: restarting the primairy and waiting for pfsync to become fully operational and then switch back, or fetching some remote information before setting the state back to master, are all possible now.

      Does that help some more?

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