Family news…

Dear all,

It is with very great pleasure that I would like to tell you, that we (Denise, Luca and myself) are expecting our second child. Currently we are around 12 weeks and everything is looking good.

We saw the first images of our soon kid and new FreeBSD Hacker? ;-) He or she is looking beautiful already. We do not yet know the gender, but we are expecting the kid around the beginning of September.

Luca is also happy with these developments, so everything is in the works (actively as we speak) to move his room to the upperfloor, and we are going to prepare his old room for the baby.

Leave a message so that I can read them later on (I would like that): do realise that it’s moderated and that it might take a little before I can acknowledge your message :-)

14 thoughts on “Family news…”

  1. Gefeliciteerd, niks mooier dan een kleine op komst.
    Zoveel om naar uit te kijken!!
    Slapeloze nachten, volle luiers, terug gegeven melk enz….. ;-)

    En natuurlijk de eerste stapjes de eerste geluidjes, het eerste woordje, het eerste schaterlachje…..

    Ik wens jullie heel veel mooie tijden toe.


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