Airport Utility 6.0

I got notified by my Apple that there were system updates available, and what do you think ?Yeah a new Airport Utility had been released. 6.0 to be exact.

After updating I started it, and got immediately notified that both my airport extreme’s need updating. So I did.

After updating the extreme’s as well, I tried to look around in what was available on the settings pages.
I was shocked in horror! Previously I was able to setup IPv6, setup printers, setup the logging, setup the SNMP parameters of the
device, but that is no longer possible. It seems that the options had been retired or something, I couldn’t instantly find some useful information about it (beyond people complaining).

If you need these options to f.ex. graph your DHCP clients, Graph the amount of clients on your Extreme(s) and graph the throughput, you are not able to set that as we speak.

Apart from the “minor” issues mentioned above, the interface looks smooth and groovy, but that didn’t make up for being unable to configure important parts of my setup. Apple, restore these settings please, or my readers: please tell me what I am overlooking in case it’s still there! :)

2 thoughts on “Airport Utility 6.0”

    1. I think that you might be right :-(. I also installed the 5.6 utility, but that doesn’t look as groovy. And makes me worry about upcoming updates, at some point they will leave the 5.x branch, and these options will vanish. A bit sad :(

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