Extending IPv6 support in my network with pfSense

Just a few days ago the CF card in the firewall located at my parents running a development version of pfSense broke down. Luckily I made recent backups of the configuration, so setting up a new version and restoring the configuration was minutes work (the thing that took most time was writing the image to the CF card); so it was easily restored, and I gained an up to date host again.

Next to that I was able to setup another IPv6 tunnel from HE.net to their network. And silently I enabled it the last couple of days. They do not have a routed /48 since I do not see a reason for that yet (like at my place where I play with multiple networks and the like). I can see their machine connecting over IPv6 to the mailserver, so there is good progress, they also did not report that things stopped working, so a successful implementation!

The development version of pfSense made it trivial, most of Seth’s work is included here, and you can easily setup tunnels to IPv6 providers (like HE.net and Sixxs.net), make sure to use the images provided by jimp if you want to use this as well, the regular 2.x branch snapshots do not yet support this.

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