Running on PFSense 2.1 (2.1-HEAD)

Just hours ago I upgraded my external router from PFSense 2.0-RC to 2.1 (2.1-HEAD), which enables me to have inline IPv6 support without nasty hacks. I believe Seth Mos did a great job in getting this going! Most important options are there and I had setup the options within a few minutes. I need to play a bit with dhcpd6 though, but that works fine now. This post is written over the IPv6-TCP transport, so a clear sign that it works!

I would suggest you to try it out and help us make pfSense even better!

I bet you want to have more information on this, the pfSense team has a documentation page which demonstrates how to set this up properly here

20110811: Edit: Jimp reported that it’s actually 2.1-head instead of 2.0, change that in the title and text (leave the permalink in place though), add documentation link.

6 thoughts on “Running on PFSense 2.1 (2.1-HEAD)”

  1. Ya, I too installed 2.1 (2.0-HEAD) everytihng worked a treat, the only issue i had was the default gw which i just manually set, now im ipv6 ready!

    someone give seth a beer! i would if he was in australia.

    1. No, 2.0 is not yet released. It had been made a seperated branch, so that development can get a grip on it to make the branch stable and no longer add potentially disruptive changes. 2.0 currently is on a Release Candidate (which is why I wrote -RC next to 2.0).

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