Happy New Year – 2011

In just one minute it will be 2011 (hey, scheduling things is fun, this gives you something to read while I am jumping around, celebrating with Luca, Denise, Rik and Larissa the coming of the new year, and perhaps drink a beer, or more but enough about that.

It’s my tradition to have a new years post, and this year I decided to schedule it for the first year. I wont be able to write a post before tommorrow or perhaps even later so “Sad but true”.

The last year saw a lot of sad things, sad changes and sad news, deaths and so on. Please take a minute to remember the persons you lost this year, think about the bad and the good things you shared. Cheerish those good moments, you can be upset about the negative things, but it will only make you more grumpy, which isn’t worth it. Life is too short!

OK So we considered the negative things of the last year, but ending the year with a negative thing is not right, right? So also take a minute to remember the positive things, positive changes and positive news, the birth’s you saw this year, the news that people are pregnant and are expecting a child, the new job, consider it and remember it.

From my position I would like to offer you my very best wishes for the upcoming year, I hope that you will see the positive things of life, respect eachother, and that you are healthy and can remain healthy (and your relatives).

Ofcourse my new years post wouldn’t be the same without mentioning my beloved FreeBSD. The last year we saw a few new releases, saw a lot of hard work, had to deal with the economic crises and loads of more things. This year we will get generous donations from you… right? So that we can build even more funky stuff, and keep the best operating system!

Welcome.. 2011!

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