Time flies

Now that I started working for Ziggo in the Hague time is flying even quicker then it normally does. The traveltime increased, and traffic between Rotterdam and The Hague is dense. BUT, I have a bunch of nice collegue’s, nice working environment and a nice assignment so far. There are not many things to complain about (Darn, I am a dutchy, I neeeedddd to complain!) ;-)

It remains difficult to combine my opensource activities with work, but I am trying. I try to do as much security work as I can because that is the most important thing I can do for FreeBSD, but I would like to be a little more involved :-).

I recently got notified that the 11th of December will see the light of another NLLGG meeting in Utrecht! Be there! I will try to be there as well, not presenting for the first time (well last time I was unable to present at all due to private circumstances, but I wrote a presentation then). I am too busy :-(.

Well, more updates to follow, “Massohl” :-)

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