Do you remember that? I was working on “Evilcoder-Admin” for a while. Now the project had been renamed to Evil-Admin and is very much alive again. Why? Because I “regret” the way certain hosting packages work. I would like to have a very simple program that delivers me everything I need. I can buy various packages like DirectAdmin or plesk, but they are all just not entirely that.

They all depend on some software version, or some specific library, or some specific way on how things are being dealt with. I am not entirely opposed to that, but I want to have the freedom to upgrade packages and my system where needed, instead of waiting for new versioned / static libraries. So, as long as functionality remains the same, I can use it.

I started developping evil-admin from scratch. Everything I had (including working DNS adminstration) was wiped (well preserved into my versioning control system, subversion) and I first started to design the application (read my previous post on why i might be doing this, it’s my job now!) and fill in requirements. Justin (my partner at JR-Hosting.nl, heh consider buying one of our products, it makes our world better, or at least mine haha) proposed that he can help with the frontend things, as long as I produce a working backend.

The entire idea is to store all information in a database (What else is new, we all do that!); extract it periodically and write it to flat files. That way the used system does not rely on the information retrieval speed, nor does it rely on databases in general.

There are different configurations for each machine in the cluster, like mail-relay settings, dns duplication etc. I am considering: Apache, (Bind or PowerDNS), ProFTPD, Exim, Postfix (incoming filters, then drop to exim since that has flexible delivery locations), MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc, all build on my FreeBSD servers.

If you would like to propose some ideas, just let me know and I will see what I can do. Remember that I just recently started recoding the application and that basically only a ”design.txt” is there, and some simple backend scripts are written. It takes time, it will take time, it wont be done yesterday, yadayada. But it feels good to write again!

3 thoughts on “evil-admin”

  1. Might I suggest a NoSQL solution like Cassandra? It scales up well and is built to handle network failover and partitioning. It also has some datacenter awareness.

    Just a thought, though. :)

  2. Remko, have you looked at configuration management packages like puppet, or, more interesting, chef? It seems that chef stoke a chord in deployment area recently, so I’m wondering how it makes sense to leverage it somehow for you needs.

    PS Thanks for hosting novel.evilcoder.org ;]

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