FreeBSD 7.3 released

As mentioned recently; 7.3 was supposed to go out of the door today.. and what do you think? IT GOT RELEASED! Download it as soon as possible to enjoy the new candy and fixes. The highlights from Ken Smith’s release form:

Some of the highlights:

- ZFS updated to version 13
- new boot loader gptzfsboot supports GPT and ZFS
- hwpmc(4) enhancements including support for core2/i7 processor
and pmcannotate(8)
- new mfiutil and mptutil tools for widely used RAID controllers
- NULL pointer vulnerability mitigation
- bind updated to 9.4-ESV
- Gnome updated to 2.28.2
- KDE updated to 4.3.5
- Perl updated to 5.10

There is also a statement about support, which I find very important so I will emphasize it here as well;

The FreeBSD Security Team currently plans to support FreeBSD 7.3 until March 31st 2012. Users of FreeBSD 7.2 are strongly encouraged to upgrade to either FreeBSD 7.3 or FreeBSD 8.0 before the FreeBSD 7.2 End of Life on June 30th 2010. For more information on the Security Team and their support of the various FreeBSD branches see:

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