FreeBSD: Removal of lukemftpd imminent

A long long long discussion had taken place around the two ftp daemons that we serve in our FreeBSD operating system. We had discussed that we would want to only serve on, and the security track record isn’t great either.

For this reasons I will be removing lukemftpd real soon now! If you use it from base, please consider using ftp/tnftpd instead, this port is more recent then the code in our base system, and can be updated when needed. It’s too late to rediscuss this.

I am waiting for a “make universe“ before I will commit this to head, and I will commit it to the 8-stable branch 3 days after the commit.

edit: 20090903: The category is ftp instead of net. Suggested by Thomas Abthorpe.
20090903: The universe build is almost complete, the most important architectures build fine.

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