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Not too long ago I bought a WAP4400N from Linksys/Cisco. I was happy with it for the first hour, but after that it started working weird. Having three Apple devices in the house, the connection becomes spotty, frequently drops etc. I moved the device from the top floor, to the first floor, placed it in the middle of the living room (OK one floor above it); placed it on the topnotch of the house, it doesn’t matter. The connection mostly stops working after some time.

Apple Time Machine backups might make it appear quicker, resetting it makes it work again for a little. It ran fine for a little (more then a month!) but now the issues are back again. I cannot determine what the issue is and I cannot solve it. It was one of the most expensive consumer/small business grade device that I could afford and it does not meet my expectations (yet).

Ofcourse it could be that some interference is there, there are other WLAN devices around us, but it doesnt matter if you are near the antenna’s or not. If someone has some advise that I could persue then I would love to hear about it. I am already running the latest available firmware and I am in contact with Cisco to get this resolved, they are trying their best to help me resolve this, one of the things mentioned is that it might be incompatible chips (WAP and Apple).

Tips are very much welcome as said!

Edit:20090831 2150: Cisco just replied that they are onto it and will be investigating. I like their attitude and trying to resolve it. Eventhough it doesn’t work yet, it’s very nice to see that people are willing to look into it. Hopefully we can resolve this and find the problem.

2 thoughts on “Cisco – Linksys – WAP4400N”

  1. Morgen ga ik een Linksys WRT54GL kopen. sascha wil een laptop kopen dus dan is het wel handig dat ze dat ding niet aan een UTP kabel hoeft te knopen.
    Bovendien is het leuk speeltuig, want er draait een Linux OS op!! Daar zijn enkele enthousiastelingen op ingehaakt en hebben een aantal firmwares ontwikkeld die je op het ding kunt plaatsen.
    Jaja, ik weet het, back-doors enzo…. Daarom zal ik het eerst met het standaard ding gaan proberen. Voordeel van die tweaks is echter dat je de transmissie kunt opvoeren van de standaard waarde naar ruim 200mW.

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