I was shocked with horror just a few moments ago. I read a newspaper article about a commission that wants to include an additional internet fee so that online newspapers can be payed. This is just insane, newspapers no longer sell their newspapers because people can get it for free online and free news papers. Now to save their sorry asses we need to pay more. They failed. If I fail to pay my bills I cannot ask my readers to pay for me right…. It’s just shocking that people even -think- about it. Newspapers had their time they made a lot of money through that, now the internet medium is coming up and they need to find a proper way to find the resources. One of them being the ads, and potentially placing the information behind closed sources which you can only access after paying. I will -not- be paying for the failure of someone else. Same goes for music- fee’s. Screw them. CD’s and DVD’s are way too expensive, people do not want to pay that much for it, so they seek alternatives, the lobbyists want to try to make sure you KEEP paying. This has to end!


2 thoughts on “Newspapers”

  1. I totally agree. A new distribution medium came into play. It’s their fault that they didn’t even try to update their failing business models (both newspapers and the music industry).

  2. Vreemd verhaal inderdaad. Maar op het NOS-journaal van 8 uur was te zien dat minister Plasterk het er ook nog niet zo mee eens is.

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