Returned from Belgium – Snow annual weekend

Last Sunday we returned from Belgium. I first opted to drive the same way as we did on the way in (via Eindhoven) but we got redirected through Antwerpen, which made the travel easy and comfortable. One thing: do not eat at the AC restaurant near Breda (just before the border); it’s expensive and we didn’t like the food. The sate(chicken) wasn’t quite ready yet (not cooked very well); my Schnitzel was “ok” and Luca’s spaghetti was just from the Microwave and not entirely interesting / nice to eat.

Anyway; on friday we arrived, having eaten already so we could pickup my new Macbook (which is just in front of me at the moment updating and things like that) and head for our little house. It was a very nice little house, it’s one of the best houses that we had while being away for a weekend. We showered Luca and took some resting, this was one of the first weekends that we had ‘time off’. Saturday we had breakfast in the house, we got a very large survival pack from Snow :-) and headed over to the Quad terrain where Luca was about to drive. We found out that it was right next to our house so very short walk :)

Luca was a bit over optimistic and flew the Quad (we have some pictures, see the gallery) and we drove together as well, which was much more fun for both of us :).. The rest of the time we went to the swimming pool and the childrensplayground. We had dinner with the Snow people later that day, (Good food, we liked it :)), and again retired for the evening making a slow stop, great to get back to strength a bit because of these weekends :)

Sunday we again went to the playgrounds and the swimming pool ; after which we headed home. Denise unpacked and packed, she’s away with her group 8 :-), so the house is entirely mine :-) :-) (or at least for the moment).

Now heading out to fetch Luca from school and then eat and swimming (again :D)

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