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At the beginning of this year I was asked by the BSD Magazine people to write an article. I asked what the idea was and I was told that I could emphasize on security, or the installation of FreeBSD and things like that. But then in a way to that everyone can understand it. Also I knew that I was going to move out of the house within limited time, so I agreed writing it if I could have some help.

Jeremy Reed, Michael Lucas and Murray Stokely helped where possible and it resulted in a very nice article. The issue should be out soon, so you are invited to order the issue of http://www.bsdmag.org and read the article I wrote. It goes about installing FreeBSD 7.1 (yeah it applies to 7.2 as well for whats it worth :)). So stay tuned!

20090612: In addition you can download/order it from here: http://www.freebsdmall.com/cgi-bin/fm/bsdmag.05?id=HtzwqhCU&mv_pc=105.

If you read it, I am ofcourse interested in seeing what you think about it, so do not hesitate to let me know!

4 thoughts on “A BSD Magazine article”

  1. BSDMag? I thought they’re dead? I’ve subscribed to their mag (and paid it, of course) but never get anything else but the first issue.
    I hope you’re getting your money for your work.

    1. Oh I didn’t look into that actually. I just wrote this upon request, having the full title “Installing FreeBSD 7.1 with enhanced Security (jails)”. I was looking when it was due to get out, but on the official site no mentioning. I read multiple reports that sometimes it takes a little to get things delivered. Lets see how it goes with this version :-)

      If it isn’t posted or anything I still have the PDF which was generated by Karolina for the article, so it’s publishable anyway.

      Thanks Volker :)

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