FreeBSD 8.0

FreeBSD 8.0’s code freeze is upcoming. The last hands are getting layed on importing crucial things that we want to have in FreeBSD 8.0. This is not an announcement that we will start freezing soon, but you might consider this as a pre-headsup. One of the features that I am personally proud of is the new TTY layer which is MPSafe from this release on. My friend Ed Schouten rewrote the code to make this happen and I am very excited to see it being put to it’s widest potentials.

But not only that, if we were to cut a 8.0 release -now- it would have the following features:

- new TTY layer
- hierarchical jails
- updated zic/timezone code
- various 802.11 fixes by Sam Leffler
- MLDv2
- new USB stack
- Network running entirely GIANT free
- IGMPv3

and many many features/stability/code improvements as well!

Be prepared for the actual code freeze

(There were some comments that were lost due to server rebuild problems :-/).

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