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[lang_en]Rewritten a bit to sound less grumpy:

Gallery2 is a piece of interesting software. Till version 2.3 I used it with great joy, it was fast, did what I wanted it to do and yay all happy things. Now version 2.3 is out, nice options, looks nice, till you open the slideshow. I have very big pictures uploaded to the gallery, when you open the slideshow it loads these BIG pictures. Sadly there is currently no way to select smaller pictures.

My joy ends a bit there, because I have large gallery’s with large pictures, which means a very long wait. I really -like- the new slideshow, but I feel sad that the new slideshow does not offer me the option to resize pictures. I really really hope that this future comes out soon, this costs bandwidth and user experience :(.

3 thoughts on “Gallery2, slideshow, piclens”

  1. So, I just installed the plugin as mentioned. With Firefox this works as expected. With Safari it doesn’t work. I just get the background for my theme and nothing else.

    E_NOGO, more suggestions?

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