[lang_en]FreeBSD Ports tree Frozen by Erwin Lansing[/lang_en][lang_nl]FreeBSD ports tree bevroren door Erwin Lansing[/lang_nl]

[lang_en]Today Erwin Lansing froze the FreeBSD Ports tree in preparation for the 6.4 and 7.1 releases. That basically means that no one can commit to the ports tree without prior approval from the Ports Management team.

The freeze is done to give the machines in the build cluster the time to build packages for both releases, which can be included on the CD’s and uploaded to the various FTP-mirrors so that you (The end user) can use them when you install the versions.

Certain people will get a blanket from the Ports Management team, so that they can improve the current ports and document Security Vulnerabilities where needed, and ofcourse update the packages if that is required.

Stay Tuned :)[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Vandaag heeft Erwin Lansing de FreeBSD ports tree bevroren in voorbereiding op de 6.4 en 7.1 versies van FreeBSD. Dat betekend in het kort dat niemand nog kan committen in de ports tree zonder expliciete toestemming van het Ports Management team.

De bevriezing wordt gedaan om de machines in het cluster de tijd te geven om packages te maken voor beide releases, zodat deze op de CD bijgevoegd kunnen worden, en op de diverse FTP-mirrors worden gezet, zodat jullie (de eind gebruiker) ze kunnen gebruiken wanneer jullie de versies installeren.

Een aantal mensen zal een vrijbrief krijgen van het Ports Management team, zodat deze de huidige ports kunnen verbeteren, en zodat deze beveiligingswaarschuwingen kunnen documenteren en uiteraard deze updaten als dat nodig is!

Stay tuned :)[/lang_nl]

5 thoughts on “[lang_en]FreeBSD Ports tree Frozen by Erwin Lansing[/lang_en][lang_nl]FreeBSD ports tree bevroren door Erwin Lansing[/lang_nl]”

  1. Currently both http://www.freebsd.org/releases/6.4R/schedule.html and http://www.freebsd.org/releases/7.1R/schedule.html tell that the freeze will be completed at the 15th for this month. So that means just 5 more days from now on.

    If we are going to make that is something I cannot judge on, we can always run into unexpected things; so the best to handle the schedule is to consider that this will be reached in case nothing strange happends.


  2. Yes, that is correct, unexpected issues popped up, a security advisory came in between etc. All kind of things that you normally do not want during a release cycle but need to resolve before you can actually continue with the project.

    We (As a project) understand that things take long. 6.4 is near, 7.1 is branched recently (as a start of the beta and release builds). All with a significant delay, all for the good of getting the best possible releases from both branches. So a pain in time, but it will be worth the effort, hopefully you guys will agree with me when the releases are there :) just hang on in there! :)

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