Today I did the CCSE exam in Zoetermeer, this is the second exam you can do for checkpoint. After preparing it for around two months (in which time I went on holiday to Tunesia, been on business trip to Canada, had a weekend-holiday with Snow in Texel, searching for and arranging side-paths for a house which we are looking for, so basically study time was ~2 weeks) and spending a weekend and yesterday mainly to learn for the exam, it was time to do it.

I passed with a score of 85% (70% was required); so I didn’t do that bad. I got all kind of enthoustic responses from Snow, and I got a lot of text messages from my current assignment. Thanks folks! It’s appreciated!

Onward to CISSP (the materials seem boring so far) and Juniper (Which I am preparing already as next candidate) (also a dual track, the initial one, and the second level one), and then Cisco (if possible) and if then still possible, the BSDP (second level BSD certification) so that I have broad knowledge in multiple regions of the activities that Snow is offering :-).

2 thoughts on “CCSE”

  1. Yeah!!!! Gefeliciteerd…. met deze erbij en al je andere examens die je graag wilt gaan halen, haal je nog een wereldrecord. Langste cv ter wereld!!!


    Ik ben supertrots, echt knap gedaan. Zeker gezien het feit dat je zo weinig tijd had om te leren en er nog meer dingen in je kop rondgaan naast leren.

    Even een wijntje van het weekend en op naar de volgende!!


  2. Dankjewel!! Volgende examen ben ik alweer aan het voorbereiden :-), van het weekend inderdaad maar lekker wijntje erop drinken :)


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