Here I am again, studying. I am sitting in the garden while writing this. I just texted Denise and Luca that learning goes very well today (having a mini-break at the moment), I think the sun and being outside does miracles.

I vacuumcleaned the upperfloor, and entirely cleaned up my room, or at least wrt. dust and stuff like that. I also found some lost cables (in the shed, so dreaded easy to find, I wonder why my dad overlooked them) and I did a whole lot of studying so far.

What am I actually studying? I am actively studying Checkpoint NGX at the moment to make sure that I can pass my CCSE. I have a good understanding of how things practically work, but I also need to know the theoretic style (I’d prefer cisco alike stuff where you need to demonstrate your knowledge) :-). That is going fine so far! I downloaded the smartconsole, which I have access to, so that I can play in demo mode, without needing to have any resources available. I downloaded the documentation bundles, which I have access to as well, so that I can review them as well.

And beyond that, I am sitting in the sun, with a nice glass of cold Hoegaarden whitebeer, studying for my upcoming exams. What more does a techy want? (Well, ofcourse that his girlfriend and their kid are here, but we will sort that out as soon as possible ;-))…

Back to the studyboard!

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