Recent experiences

So, recently I obtained several new experiences :-).

I am working with Fortigate machines (AFA1000′s) and Juniper Netscreen SSG550′s, which are both great machines to work with. I touched a couple of netscreens just a week before I started my new assignment, and now I work full time with them. Beyond that I also try to support the team I am in now with cisco/networking knowledge so that the team can keep on rolling (even if the grand-master will be on holiday within 2 months from now).

Apart from the work experience I also did some work in perl again and finished up v2.0.3b (Which will eventually become v2.0) and I am playing around with svn and mirroring subversion stuff (For FreeBSD and my own projects).

Seeing my upcoming agenda makes it a bit challenging to properly give all my activities enough time, but I am sure I Can manage that just fine.

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